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High Performance Exercises You Should be Doing: Goblet Squat

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Walk into typical gym and a few things stand out: The bro a cut off t-shirt, the old dude wearing bikers spandex stretching spread eagle on the mat, and the same cardio queens snappin’ Instagram selfies on the elliptical. Even more perplexing is the same people doing the same exercises […]

Part 3 Training Essentialism: Eliminate Useless Exercises


In today’s post we”ll work together to Eliminate Useless Exercises to optimize your training. Before we dive into that lets rehash what we covered in the past two posts. First, we covered the essential pieces what every workout needs. The 80/20 if you will, that give you the most bang for your […]

10 Tips to An Explosive Deadlift


Deadlifts build epic strength. Deadlifts get you jacked. Deadlifts help you get athletic. Deadlifts build a resilient posterior chain and core to support other movements. Deadlifts require full body tension, strength, and sheer willpower to build strong bodies and stronger minds. As such, the deadlift is the most cherished movements […]

What Is Bach Performance?

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The site is about you, your body, and your life. I became sick of clients coming to me frustrated from sub-par training results,coaching and poor information.  I’m here to get you strong, shredded, and athletic with methods that are time-tried, science based, & experience backed. If you’re ready to build your best body and optimize your training, read more about the site here