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Escape from Hardgainer Hell: Nutrition for Hardgainers

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[Before I jump into Nutrition for HardGainers I have a huge announcement:I’m taking  20% off all Bach Performance Online Training until 11:59 pm Friday Only. That means four months of World-Class workout programs, Nutrition, Weekly and Monthly Skype Calls with a fifth month 100% Free. Apply NOW before spots are […]

Eight Training Splits for Strength and Mass

training splits for strength and mass

How many times have you started the perfect new training split only to realize it doesn’t fit your goals or your busy schedule, leaving you banging your head against a wall wondering “where to go now” with your training. It’s a common problem that for program hoppers and dedicated athletes […]

SHOULD Athletes Be Eating Junk Food?

athletes eat junk food

Today’s Guest Post comes Courtesy of Mike Samuels of healthylivingheavylifting.com/ in Southampton, England. Mike and I have collaborated on a few posts together in the past (here and here). Mike has been everywhere lately and has one of the most interactive Facebook pages around.  Anyways, I reached out Mike because he specializes […]

What Is Bach Performance?

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The site is about you, your body, and your life. I became sick of clients coming to me frustrated from sub-par training results,coaching and poor information.  I’m here to get you strong, shredded, and athletic with methods that are time-tried, science based, & experience backed. If you’re ready to build your best body and optimize your training, read more about the site here